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About Toni Gattone
Tapping into her public speaking and teaching roots from years ago, Toni is passionate about gardening and she believes gardeners of all ages and abilities should hear her talk and she is committed to reach as many gardeners as possible with her message.

Everything she has done in her career has brought her to being a speaker and writer today:

  • Under contract with Timber Press to write her book on Adaptive Gardening
  • Member Great Garden Speakers
  • Member Garden Writers Association
  • Certified Master Gardener 2011
    Public Seminars Co-Chair 2012-2013
  • President, Toni Gattone & Associates, since 1990
    Manufacturers Representatives
  • Sales Account Executive, 1972-1990
    at three corporate America companies
  • National Speakers Association
    Northern California Board of Directors
  • BS in Education, Northern Illinois University, 1970

What participants say about Toni's seminar:

“The information gave hope and inspiration to never stop enjoying the things in life that we love, regardless of age or mobility.” — Beatrice Ross

“You are a knowledgeable & engaging speaker & you held your audience’s attention expertly.”— Patricia Locke

“An excellent presentation with great ideas! Loved the discussion on adaptive tools. Gardening can be an ageless pursuit!”— Janet Moore


 You Can Garden for Life!

Do you love to garden and don’t want to give it up? Adaptive Gardening can help. If the aftermath of working in your garden takes all the fun out of it, there are adaptations and modifications you can make to increase your comfort & your joy.

Toni's presentation is packed with tips & techniques that will guarantee you to save time, money & above all, energy! She can show you how to adapt your favorite tools or replace them with new ergonomic tools that will be comfortable to use.

Toni's has presented her seminar at garden retailers, Master Gardener events, botanical gardens, garden clubs, women's and senior groups as well as at the trifecta of garden venues: The Northwest, Chicago and San Francisco Flower & Garden Shows.

Her seminar has been reviewed as heartfelt and humorous, educational and inspirational. She presents:

  • Why it is important to be resilient, to adopt new strategies to garden smarter, not harder, while maintaining your independence to do what brings you joy.
  • How raised beds, containers and vertical gardens make maintenance and harvesting easier on the body.
  • How narrow and uneven flagstone paths can be converted into wider and safer solid surfaces.
  • Gardeners absolutely love their tools! Knowing how to adapt tools for greater comfort is key. Tools can be replaced with quality ergonomic tools to last a lifetime.
  • All participants leave with their own unique Adaptive Gardening Plan which helps them re-examine their garden & to re-envision how it could be, to make it safe, comfortable and sustainable.

Book Toni to experience this highly regarded 60-90 minute PowerPoint seminar.

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