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Toni Gattone & Associates first opened our doors in 1990 and ever since then, we have proudly maintained an outstanding reputation for being one of the leading wholesale manufacturers representative companies on the West Coast.

We would not have that reputation if it were not for our loyal team of representatives. Each one is a seasoned sales professional and most have been with TGA for more than a decade.

We offer our customers the best garden, gift & home decor lines on the market today.

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Thriving In Your Garden...
At Any Age

Toni Gattone's own back pain may have kept her from tending her garden but it caused her to discover and conduct research on Adaptive Gardening. As a result, she created an informative and inspirational seminar for senior gardeners and anyone with physical limitations who wants to continue to garden without pain.

You CAN Garden For Life

with Adaptive Gardening!

Book Toni to learn dozens of Adaptive Gardening tips and techniques designed to help gardeners adapt their gardens and their tools, enabling them to garden in safety and comfort for life!

See details on the Adaptive Gardening page.